Experimental Lifestyle Strategy

Nomading, routines and getting things done

I spent the day today on a business trip in Scotland. Whilst I don’t hate the travel, it detracts from real work. You can’t get wifi; you have to be in meetings; and you just can’t concentrate for long periods of time like you need to. Working on the road is harder than most people… Continue Reading

Weekly Review – Week 1/12

Execution on 12 Week Goals Execution against my personal goal tactics was good but executing my business tactics was appalling. I need to get a better schedule in place and commit to it. I think the early morning before work will be the best time. This will mean being more intentional with sleep earlier—something I… Continue Reading

What did you create today?

Reviews are important to progress. Looking in the rear view mirror matters, if you look with a view to learn, change and grow. If you look only to connect with memories and emotions, that might be helpful to understand the past, but eventually you have to move past the past and look to the future;… Continue Reading

Work, Life & Mastery

I started reading So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport yesterday. I’ve lately started to think about life and work and what I personally want to spend my time doing. I’ve been thinking about Mastery and focusing on utilising my strengths in my work. Continue Reading

The Menace of Reactive Work

There are two types of work that I engage in on a daily basis—Strategic Work and Reactive Work. Strategic Work is work that will move the mill in my life. Most often this type of work has to be planned beforehand and scheduled. It’s often not recurring and requires a significant amount of time, energy… Continue Reading

When things don’t go to plan…

Despite your best efforts, sometimes things just don’t go to plan. People visit, the phone rings, and conversations can become so enrapturing that you end up talking for five fours—oh man, life sure does happen. What do you do? Freak out because you haven’t accomplished your MIT (Most Important Task) for the day? Well, if… Continue Reading